Redcourt is a bustling city of about 20,000 people, which is large for this era. Located an easy hour’s ride west of the major crossroads in the land, Redcourt hosts blocks of warehouses and strorefronts. It produces little, but most trade goods in the land have a short stayover in the city due to the presence of the Church of Ioun’s largest temple.

The church see’s itself as the town cryer of the land, providing the newest and truest news from all corners of the land. Although the public belief is that most of the information is divinely channeled through them via Ioun, the reality is the church employs a large network of riders, shuttling information from all corners to Redcourt, and then given to the public. One consequence of this is that Redcourt merchants have thorough and timely prices for goods and markets across the land. Goods are bought and shipped out by trade cartels that have the horses and manpower to move the goods to all corners of the land, according to the prices provided by the church.

Redcourt features a modest wall around the city, with two gates (Southgate and Eastgate), with people and small loads through the south, and large loads of trade goods through the East. The North end of town is higher than the south, with the lord’s keep in the Northeast corner, and the Church of Ioun in the West corner. Warehouses dominate the eastern portion of the town (around the eastgate), residences to the west of the warehouses, and a sprawling market/tavern/temple district (Southcourt) dominate the southern half of the city, which has activity nearly around the clock.

You see all races as you walk around town, particularity in the Southcourt where you believe that you could buy or sell nearly anything you wanted, and in volume as well. A few groups of adventurers move through the city as well, drawing great attention from the merchants as they pass.

The guardsmen are well equipped and trained. They seem to be diverse in their ranks (you see a couple Tieflings and several Dragonborn amongst their ranks), and prepared for various situations most city guards could not deal with (you see one human guardsman talking to a Deva in what you think is their native tongue).


Redcourt Hailnurgle