Umberton is a mining community in the mid northwest portion of the land. Inhabited chiefly by humans, dwarves and tieflings, this town has a hardy, friendly population who tend to be fast and loose with their coin.

The Wretched Wench is the main tavern in town, with a wide variety of ales from around the land. Breath Weapon is the strongest of these, and is especially popular amongst dwarves and foolish humans.

Proxy Sheldon of the Church Of Ioun resides here, researching ancient civilizations and the relics they left behind.

Umberton also supports several bands of mercenaries who protect the inhabitants from incursions from evil humanoids, guard merchant caravans and support the competent town guard when required. Sturm of Granton leads one of these bands, and is knowledgeable of the evil humanoids of the area.


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