Session Seven

- Torg spotted Skeezahead down a secret passage. I then jammed the door shut with climbing pinions so he could not come out again.

- We rested for ten minutes while watching the corridors

- The next room was empty so we passed through to the following corridor.

- At the end of the next corridor was a room. The entrance and exit of the room had open gates. I jammed the first gate open, but took some fire from Kobold skirmishers.

- As a ruse Cassi pretended to make noise in the corridor hoping to draw the attention of the Kobolds. Strum, Torg & myself ran back to the secret door and un-bared it. We expected the corridor to lead behind the Kobolds on the other side of the cavern. We ran into Skeeza, he retreated. Cassi followed us into the corridor after Skeeza. Skeeza got away again by heading down a corridor that lead a full circle back to were we just where.

- We entered into the room with the two open gate doors. As we enter, the gate doors attempt to shut. The entrance gate is jammed so does not shut, but the exit gate closes.

- We engage with scorpions and a Kobold scorpion handler. Who dumps a cage worth of scorpions on Frank’s head. We defeat them and take the key to the exit gate from the neck of the dead scorpion handler.

- Entering the next room we identify immediately that our objective is here. Attached to the ceiling like a chandelier is the lens. Light from a crack in the ceiling shoots through the lens creates bizarre colours.

- We engage with Skeeza, a Kobold priest, two Kobold dragon shields, one kobold skirmisher and five kobold minions. Cassi starts us off with a well-placed fire spell killing most of the minions. We kill all the Kobolds BUT SKEEZA. Though marked by Frank Skeeza escapes into the depths of the mountain. I decide not to follow.

- We recover the lens a bit of money and magic loot, and then we head back to Umberton.

- Cassi, Sturm & Torg accompany me back to Redcourt. They prove to be good companions.

- I have a week off, so I decide to shop for some unique items and do some research on the Dragon of Mnt Skewer.

Session 6

- I meet up with Strum, Cassi, & Torg. These three mercenearies were hired by Proxy Sheldonto help me on my second attempt to recover the Lens.

- The four of us proceed back to the Kobold warren. I decided to attack again from the front door instead of navigating the maze of back tunnels.

- The Kobold warren is ready for us this time. I sneek around to the south side of the entrance and on my signal the three mercenaries attack from the North.

- Even though there are more Kobolds protecting the entrance we manage to over come them

- We then proceed into the warren. I point out the spear trap and am able to disable the divice.

- I quickly scout out the south corridor and the room I was captured in, no Kobolds are present.

- I lead the group North into a room scattered with floor spear traps. My discover is made AFTER I take a spear to the left butt cheek. OUCH! I let out a small yelp alerting the Kobolds to us.

- A fight breaks out and Skeeza shows himself, I point at him and exclaim “ You will die by my sword and never suppress knowledge again” Then I lock combat with him.

- The three mercs deal with the other Kobold minions with the help of Cassi’s fire spell. A well-placed shot kill many!

- After wounding Skeeza the coward flees, I attempt to cut him off by cutting through the trapped room. Mistake! I zig when I should have Zaged and get caught by a spear to my right butt cheek. Crap!

- I get another quick hit on him, but he returns with a critical hit knocking me unconscious. The last I see as I fall to the floor is Skeeza fleeing north.

- Cassi quickly revives me with a healing potion I Proxy Sheldon had given me.

War Journal #4

- I wake up tied to a stretcher. Bruised, battered & scared but hard!

- I’m being dragged by two Kobolds deeper into the mountain, it getting hotter & hotter.

- I pretend to be unconscious. During this time I figure out there are 6 to 8 Kobolds & where my equipment is. I also see lots of side passages leading into darkness from the main path.

- I decide to bide my time figuring the Kobolds are keeping me alive for something…

- We reach the base of the spiral leading deep into the routes of the mountain. I spy a treasure horde, but am unable to see much else as I’m facing the wrong direction.

- I figure it out. I’m about to be sacrificed to a FUCKING Dragon….

- The Kobolds still figure I’m unconscious. I use the opportunity to squeeze out of their grasp, turn, pick up my equipment bag, and miss a grab for my sword & RUN!

- I dodge several rocks from Kobold slings, the act fatigues me.

- As I run I prepare my rope to tie onto a stalagmite to create a bluff that I climbed down a side passage. The bluff buys me a little time.

- I then deviate my coarse off the main passage down a different side passage. I take a sort break gathering my wits then continue quietly away from the main route. (Hoping for another way out)

- I try to jump a crevice, but in the dark I miss judge the distance and fall several feet, all my energy is gone at this point. I only keep going cause the passage keeps leading upwards. (This must be the way out!)

- I finally find my way out. I head back to Proxy Sheldon’s to lick my wounds.

Session 4

- After some rest Prelate Warrensummoned Frank. Warren was very excited about my find; he introduced me to Inquestor Roxson & Inquestor Fle’Shan. The two had been studying my “find” for the past two days.

- The “find”; The map was very out dated, it showed several locations believed to have connections to Vecna. The Goblin Hexer’s notes indicated the Hexer was sent to this location to uncover its mysteryies. The varied currencys of coin owned by the Hexer indicates the Hexer was paid off by a very well traveled individial.

- Not all the text on the tapestry map could be deciephered. A looking glass owned by the church but on borrow to Proxy Sheldon need to be reclaimed.

- Frank is charged to get the looking glass back.

- Frank travels to Unberton to ask Proxy Sheldon for the looking glass of script decifering back.

- Proxy Sheldon lost the looking glass while on a dig. The dig was attacked by Kobalds & the looking glass has lost during the encounter.

- Proxy Sheldon sent me to talk with Strum a merc captain he hired to protect him during the dig. - Strum invormed me where the dig location was and where the Kobald warren was.

- I proceeded to the Kobald Warren, hoping to reclaim the lost looking glass.

- Killing the kobald guards at the entrance was easy.

- Frank cautiosly proceeded into the Kobald Warren, weary of traps.

- To the west three Kobalds were encountered. Frank tried to execute them as quick as he could, but they made to much noise and renfocements arrived. The little chewawa barking mow fow’s over wellmed Frank and knocked him unconcious. CRAP!

- Session ended!!!

War Journal Entry 3

- I decided to investigate farther into the tunnel of the goblins. At this point I’m unsure weather the Goblins are guarding from people entering the tunnel or leaving.

- I easily disperse of the Guards just in side the mouth of the cave.

- Farther into the cavern I run into a few more goblins beside a small greenish pond. I get my back to the wall and take them on. One proves a bit tougher he carries a nasty black blade. I take several heavy hits, but before I meet my maker the black blade goblin flees.

- I’m forced from the cavern to take a short rest, but then press on, knowing I have the goblins cornered.

- I charge back to the lake meeting black blade, & a few more goblin grunts. I get stuck into the fight quickly killing a few more minions. Then a decrepit old goblin appears from around the corner. He sets a hex upon my constricting my movements. I eventually shrug of the hex effects and finish off black blade. The Old Goblin Hexer proves a tough fight. After a few rounds I finally run him through with my sword.

- I make my way farther into the cavern and come to a room where the Goblin Hexer was camping. It appears he was studying a statue.

- The Statue is a dedicated to my patron Ioun. But upon close inspection I realize there are blasphemous mistakes in the sculpt. (Must have been sculpted by Gary Morley) Using the Hexer’s notes and my own observations I realize by completing the third blasphemy on the statue I would trigger some kind of device. The blasphemies 1. New shoes; should have been worn travelers shoes 2 closed book & in the wrong hand, also mouth was closed. Ioun is open with his knowledge so mouth should be open & book open. 3. The head was faced straight ahead. By pointing it away from ahead I completed the third blasphemy. This triggered the statue to move backwards revealing a portal leading down into the depths.

- I lowered myself into the cave below. The cave below was definitely carved not natural. The walls are covered with runes I could not decipher. And humanoid right hands.

- I come across a decaying corpse of an avenger of Ioun. I give him last rights and recover a holy symbol. I feel hope in this grave place.

- I decide to quickly push farther on into the dungeon. BUT before I can get to far several hand spring off the walls. I back into an alcove to get all the skittering hands in front of me, then I bring forth the great word of Ioun abjuring the undead abominations. I’d hate to see what the left hands would be capable of.

- I then proceed into a meeting room of some sort. The evil is great here! Sure enough an evil spirit manifests. I battle the foul creature for several turn, my attacks easily glanced aside by its insubstantial form. Before the spectre kills me I manage to dissipate it from our world and send it back to the shadow fell to let the raven queen deal with the soul! I then gather up and evidence including a giant tapestry of a map to bring back to Prelate warren to inspect. My work here is done, the goblin threat eliminated. The roads are now clear so Ioun’s word may spread.

War Journal Entry Two

I spent the afternoon acquainting myself with the small town of Red Court. The town is too large to consume in an afternoon, but I do have a general knowledge of the different districts and main roads leading to the main two gates (East & West). The town is a major trade hub.

The next morning I’m summoned to see Prelate Warron. He requests I eradicate Goblin raiders whom have been harassing messengers of the church. The most recent “rider” Ben directs myself and a tracker (named Don (not the model)) to the site where Ben was last attacked, the most current attack. Don then accurately directs me to the Goblin camp near a rock area on a hill. I send Don back to the road to wait for me with Ben. I proceed alone….

I attempt to circle the rocky mountain, but am quickly detected by the Goblin sentries. I quickly eliminate the two foul creatures with trained precision. The two Goblin sentries guarded a camp out side of an entrance to a cave. I hide the bodies and assume the rest of the Goblin raiding party is, well, off raiding! I begin to investigate assuming something that scares the Goblins live inside, or maybe just their chieftain.

Session 1 December 9 2009

- Asked to recover a sacred bowl that was stolen from a caravan by a bunch of thugs - Tracked down thugs to a private tavern - Frank lured the front door guards away by strangling a cat (the noise is appalling). The two guards came to see what the noise was. Frank killed them both. - Using one of the guard’s corpses, Frank tried to lure one of the tavern occupants out of the tavern. The rouse failed. One of the tavern occupants was heard saying “Hey, someone is using Juan’s corpse as a hand puppet… lets get em.” - Frank unsuccessfully tried to climb to the second story of the building. - Frank fights a round with the tavern thugs before he climbs to the 2nd level and bursts through the window. - Frank takes a breather then fights the mob boss. - Frank is brought to a hit of his life, but manages to threaten the mob boss to listen to him. - Frank’s pious ways ward him from attraction to whore #3. - Frank demands the bowl; Mob boss has no idea what he is on about! Mob boss orders all tavern bowls to be brought before Frank for inspection. - Gravy stained, the bowl is recovered. The stupid Thugs do not even realize they where in possession of an artefact of the great Ioun. - Frank makes his escape through the window and into the night, with the ritual bowl of Ioun in hand!


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