Quiet and pensive mercenary mage.


Level 5 half-elf controller
HP 40 HS 8
AC 18 Def 18
Knowledge Arcana +9
Knowledge Nature +9
Dagger +11 1d4+2
· Magic Missile at will +12 vs Reflex 2d4+2 Damage – Cassi crits on a 19 or 20 with this attack.
· Fiery Blast – encounter – Close Blast 5 – +7 vs Reflex 3d6+2 Damage
· Shield – daily – +6 to AC for remainder of encounter.
· Cassi has no role power at this point
· Cassi’s racial power is a variation of Hunter’s Quarry that improves her crit on the magic missile.
Cassi wears leather armour and uses a wand to shoot out her laser like magic missiles.


Cassi is quiet female half elf who doesn’t talk much about her background, but seems an odd fit for a mercenary. Offering little input tactically, she knows her role and does as Sturm tells her. Comfortable with her dagger but happier with her wand, she uses her missiles to pick off the weak from range, the firey blast clear out anyone who gets close and her shield as a last resort.

Cassi has followed Frank on several adventures. The church of Ioun pays her well for her arcane sevices.


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