Level 5 Half Orc Defender/Striker
Torg’s racial power is rolled into his constant HP for ease
HP 59 HS 11
AC 20 Def 18
Basic Attack Bonus +8
Battle Axe +10 vs. AC 1d10+5
Plate Armour + Shield = -2 to armour checks and -1 speed (included).

Intimidate +7 Athletics +9
· Bully – at-will – unsupported hit target is pushed 1 square and Torg can follow into vacant square.
· Bwarg – encounter – reliable – 3W+3 damage
· End of Axe Focus – Torg gains +1 to hit each round past the first he attacks the same target (cumulative. However once Torg starts attacking a target he must continue attacking it until it is dead OR he takes damage from a melee attack from a different source. He will pursue his target up to 5 squares a turn to fulfill this obligation. · Role Feature – any target Torg hits is marked until the end of next turn.


Torg is a simple Half Orc more comfortable in Giant than common. Sturm has been good to him for several jobs now, and he trusts his direction and decisions. Torg is more Orc than Human in battle, shouting, cursing and smiting with his axe. His signature attack is the Axe/kick to the chest/pushback and follow up.

Torg’s father was a human Blacksmith. His common does not appear to be getting better. He has shown himself to be ok with the Church of Ioun, has had a church tour smashes undead to bits with reckless abandon.


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