Sturm Lyrehand of Grond

Mercenary band leader


Level 5 Human Leader
HP 49 HS 10
AC 20 DEF 18
Longsword +14 1d8+4
Chain and light shield -1 armour check -1 speed
Speed 5
Speaks common and elven
Diplomacy currently +5, normally +7
· Storm In! Sturm gets +3 to hit when charging, not the usual +1 (+3Damage)
· Get Right! Whenever Sturm is hit by something that would normally be ended by a save, he gets an immediate save against its effect.
· Grim resolve – Sturm gets a save vs losing his last HP.
· Role Feature – Lapsed Inspirational Figure – once per encounter both Cassi and Torg can use a healing sure as a minor action as long as they have line of sight on Sturm.


Sturm Lyrehand is a mercenary band leader, who currently hails from Umberton. Accustomed to the regular income and easy lifestyle, Sturm has become bored with guarding merchant caravans and mine explorations. He hints at an adventuring career in his earlier life, but seems to have adapted a business man’s pay as you go mindset.

Tall and rugged, with thick grey hair, Sturm leads his troops from the front, with frequent vocal direction and warnings shouted over the din of combat.

Sturm fights in chain with a shield, and wields an aged long sword with authority.

Sturm Lyrehand of Grond

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