Session Seven

- Torg spotted Skeezahead down a secret passage. I then jammed the door shut with climbing pinions so he could not come out again.

- We rested for ten minutes while watching the corridors

- The next room was empty so we passed through to the following corridor.

- At the end of the next corridor was a room. The entrance and exit of the room had open gates. I jammed the first gate open, but took some fire from Kobold skirmishers.

- As a ruse Cassi pretended to make noise in the corridor hoping to draw the attention of the Kobolds. Strum, Torg & myself ran back to the secret door and un-bared it. We expected the corridor to lead behind the Kobolds on the other side of the cavern. We ran into Skeeza, he retreated. Cassi followed us into the corridor after Skeeza. Skeeza got away again by heading down a corridor that lead a full circle back to were we just where.

- We entered into the room with the two open gate doors. As we enter, the gate doors attempt to shut. The entrance gate is jammed so does not shut, but the exit gate closes.

- We engage with scorpions and a Kobold scorpion handler. Who dumps a cage worth of scorpions on Frank’s head. We defeat them and take the key to the exit gate from the neck of the dead scorpion handler.

- Entering the next room we identify immediately that our objective is here. Attached to the ceiling like a chandelier is the lens. Light from a crack in the ceiling shoots through the lens creates bizarre colours.

- We engage with Skeeza, a Kobold priest, two Kobold dragon shields, one kobold skirmisher and five kobold minions. Cassi starts us off with a well-placed fire spell killing most of the minions. We kill all the Kobolds BUT SKEEZA. Though marked by Frank Skeeza escapes into the depths of the mountain. I decide not to follow.

- We recover the lens a bit of money and magic loot, and then we head back to Umberton.

- Cassi, Sturm & Torg accompany me back to Redcourt. They prove to be good companions.

- I have a week off, so I decide to shop for some unique items and do some research on the Dragon of Mnt Skewer.



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