War Journal #4

- I wake up tied to a stretcher. Bruised, battered & scared but hard!

- I’m being dragged by two Kobolds deeper into the mountain, it getting hotter & hotter.

- I pretend to be unconscious. During this time I figure out there are 6 to 8 Kobolds & where my equipment is. I also see lots of side passages leading into darkness from the main path.

- I decide to bide my time figuring the Kobolds are keeping me alive for something…

- We reach the base of the spiral leading deep into the routes of the mountain. I spy a treasure horde, but am unable to see much else as I’m facing the wrong direction.

- I figure it out. I’m about to be sacrificed to a FUCKING Dragon….

- The Kobolds still figure I’m unconscious. I use the opportunity to squeeze out of their grasp, turn, pick up my equipment bag, and miss a grab for my sword & RUN!

- I dodge several rocks from Kobold slings, the act fatigues me.

- As I run I prepare my rope to tie onto a stalagmite to create a bluff that I climbed down a side passage. The bluff buys me a little time.

- I then deviate my coarse off the main passage down a different side passage. I take a sort break gathering my wits then continue quietly away from the main route. (Hoping for another way out)

- I try to jump a crevice, but in the dark I miss judge the distance and fall several feet, all my energy is gone at this point. I only keep going cause the passage keeps leading upwards. (This must be the way out!)

- I finally find my way out. I head back to Proxy Sheldon’s to lick my wounds.



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