Session 4

- After some rest Prelate Warrensummoned Frank. Warren was very excited about my find; he introduced me to Inquestor Roxson & Inquestor Fle’Shan. The two had been studying my “find” for the past two days.

- The “find”; The map was very out dated, it showed several locations believed to have connections to Vecna. The Goblin Hexer’s notes indicated the Hexer was sent to this location to uncover its mysteryies. The varied currencys of coin owned by the Hexer indicates the Hexer was paid off by a very well traveled individial.

- Not all the text on the tapestry map could be deciephered. A looking glass owned by the church but on borrow to Proxy Sheldon need to be reclaimed.

- Frank is charged to get the looking glass back.

- Frank travels to Unberton to ask Proxy Sheldon for the looking glass of script decifering back.

- Proxy Sheldon lost the looking glass while on a dig. The dig was attacked by Kobalds & the looking glass has lost during the encounter.

- Proxy Sheldon sent me to talk with Strum a merc captain he hired to protect him during the dig. - Strum invormed me where the dig location was and where the Kobald warren was.

- I proceeded to the Kobald Warren, hoping to reclaim the lost looking glass.

- Killing the kobald guards at the entrance was easy.

- Frank cautiosly proceeded into the Kobald Warren, weary of traps.

- To the west three Kobalds were encountered. Frank tried to execute them as quick as he could, but they made to much noise and renfocements arrived. The little chewawa barking mow fow’s over wellmed Frank and knocked him unconcious. CRAP!

- Session ended!!!



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