Monastery wrap up


You and your companions settle back into your now comfortable camp by the river as a light snow falls. The temperature isn’t much colder than the past week, but the low heavy grey clouds indicate snow likely through the night. But wood is prentiful; your foes are vanquished and spirits are high as the roaring bonfire leaps on what looks to be the first night of winter. Sturm produces a small but warm smelling bottle of Dwarven spirits (“only in victory Frank, and never on watch”) and Torg and Cassi quickly catch a covey of rabbits for dinner.

You’ve hauled out any of Gervais’ equipment that looks interesting – a pack, several wicked looking knives, a belt of pouches and a scroll tube in a shoulder satchel pack. You know this is where you will find many answers about this servant of Vecna who has been hunting down the old sites, but your attention is drawn away from this by the Orb of LIght. A mighty and ancient weapon against undeath has come to you, and with it’s aid the might of Ioun will pour through you like never before. I calm and pale symbol of Ioun glows faintly inside the semi-transparent orb. You wrap it best you can with some rough cloth from your pack and force your attention to Gervais’ belongings.

Three Magic Daggers+1
250 gp of current coin of the land
290 gp of mixed gps of various origin
one Potion of Healing
The scroll tube contains

three scrolls of Comprehend Language
Several letters written by hand in some sort of code
A well drawn map of the land very similar to the tapestry you found, but showing much fewer details. Several sites, including the ruined temple/winery (where you are now) are drawn in roughly by another hand.
Take 200 XP quest experience for taking down Gervais.

Sturm passes you the spirits, tells you you fought well, and looks at you to join them at the fire.



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